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where do u read your mangas? especially the one you posted w the quote " how much i have to destroy"

I don’t read them anywhere special or specific, haha. Quite unremarkably, I pretty much just google manga, and read it on whatever site happens to come up (though once in a while, I’ll download the scanlated pages straight from the translators.) 

I do tag all my posts but anyway, the manga you’re looking for is called Sakamichi no Apollon/Kids on the Slope and you can read it here!

how to reblog your posts in your blog? i cant do it help me????

Ok if you hover over the pictures on the blog, in the bottom-right corner you should see a number [signifying the number of notes the post has]??? Click it and it should be smooth sailing from there ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

where does the pic you posted a while back that says "everybody is annoying" post come from?

Do you mean:

It’s from a manga called 絶叫学級 (Screaming Lessons) by Ishikawa Emi